Meet Us

Hey there, we are Katie and Luke, and we run The Yellow Windmill!

After graduating from University in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided to have a go and create something new. With Katie’s artistic talent and our love of fun stationery, we came up with The Yellow Windmill.

Inspired by the countryside, farm and wild animals, our designs are inspired by the beautiful variety that the UK has to offer. We hope that you’ll love the colourful, fun and quirky stationery that we have available!

Hello and welcome to The Yellow Windmill, we are the owners, Katie and Luke.

Our Environmental Policy

We were both eager to start out the right way and immediately decided that whatever direction we went in, we would be focused on doing it sustainably.

Making sure that any impact we have on the environment is a positive one, or at least as minimal as possible is our main focus. It is with this mindset that we make our business decisions, from printing to packaging. Our paper is all sourced from FSC certified, sustainably managed forests, and selected from local paper mills where possible.

We use a local printing press, minimising our total transportation emissions, with similar environmental goals.

We always strive to keep our packaging as environmentally sustainable as possible. We use tissue paper which is compostable at home and made from recycled materials in our packaging, instead of plastic alternatives like cellophane. Our boxes are sourced from an FSC-registered manufacturer and are made from 70% recycled materials.

Beyond our products, we always choose to take the environmentally friendly route, from our home (and office) energy supplier to our website hosting service.

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